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Direct Sale! Amazing Black to Pink Transition Dreadfalls by Snarl Hair

I hate to part with these, but after wearing them only once for a shoot, I feel it's a shame to just have them sit in a drawer. This is a sale for a pair (I am wearing them stacked in the photo for one, voluminous ponytail) of custom, layered dreadfalls by the amazing Snarl Hair. The falls tie on with elastic, and transition from black, to hot pink, to pale pink at the very ends. They're probably the most beautiful and well-made falls I've ever seen.

title or description

I paid about $180 for these but I'm asking $50 to start plus $5 shipping in the U.S. and a $15 flat rate internationally.

I will run this like an auction so the highest bidder wins. For example, if someone is willing to bid up to $55 and you come in and say you're willing to bid $60, then you will get the item for $56, one dollar more than the highest the other bidder was willing to go. Thank you so much!
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